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Black Water

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

by Whitney Skoreyko

This suspenseful thriller will have you wondering what is actually happening and what is made up in Hannah's mind.

Hannah is recovering from the loss of her twin brother, falling deeper into work to drown the loss. Her friend finally convinces her to let loose a bit and Hannah's friends take her out for her birthday. This is where she meets a handsome stranger with green eyes and strange things begin to happen.

The oddities that begin are not only strange, but intimate details only her dead twin would know. How can they be happening if he's dead? Is he dead? So many theories ran through my mind to explain the occurrences. The story takes so many twists and turns having you guess one character then the next, never explaining the whole truth until the end.

Is her new interest with the green eyes too good to be true? Did she really know her twin brother? Why are her parents so distant? So many questions, but none I can answer without giving a spoiler away.

I enjoyed being wrong each time. Each way she turned someone was keeping a secret, her friend and ex, her dead brother, her parents, the stranger with green eyes, so who can she trust? Thrillers should take you on a ride, second guessing what will happen.

This was a 🌟🌟🌟🌟1/2 star read!


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