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Collecting Secrets

by P. E. Kavanagh

A friends to lovers story full of angst, drama, and love. Camille and Jackson have been best friends for 10 years. He comes from a family of money and privilege, she was orphaned in high school when her parents passed away. She was taken in by her college roommate's family which included Jackson, her roommates older brother.

For years they have kept the feelings they have for each other hidden, a secret that should not see the light of day for fear of destroying the friendship they have built. They are each other's rock. This is the first secret they keep from each other, but unknown to them, there are secrets all around them which begin to be uncovered as their relationship develops.

One spontaneous kiss. That's all it took. The relationship has changed and charting their way after was not an easy one. Fear of losing a friendship has them cautious which makes for a great slow burn. And just when you think you have the HEA and wonder why there is so much story left, BAM, there come the SECRETS.

Usually in stories like this, plots become predictable but I was kept guessing the entire time. It flowed well, the unravelling of the secrets was paced as to not be too much or drag. This is when you wonder will Camille and Jackson get their HEA? I highly recommend.

A 🌟🌟🌟🌟 star read.


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