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by Nicole Rodrigues

A sweet, sassy, sexy, read. Charlotte and Gabriel are high school sweethearts that don't make it past graduation due to a teen pregnancy and potential professional baseball career.

Charlotte kept their children (twins) and raised them as her own. She sacrificed to give them a good stable home. The twins are graduating and ready to start their college life when a twist in life brings Charlotte and Gabriel back together.

The pacing of the story moves quickly. The storyline jumps from past to present to show their love and why each of them is in pain in the present. Charlotte's relationship with her kids is sweet. Her dedication to them is admirable, but at the expense of her own happiness. It was hard to comprehend how she has stayed single (not even dating for 19 years).

I have torn feeling on a couple of things. First, between wanting to be mad at her for keeping the children a secret, and understanding why she felt the need. When Gabriel and Charlotte come back together the sparks fly, but I was annoyed with Gabriel's persistence on making Charlotte "hum" with excitement for him. It was almost like he didn't understand boundaries. She was trying to sort out her feelings and ensure her children were okay meeting their absentee father and he was busy trying to "show off" that he could still get her hot.

This was a 🌟🌟🌟1/2 star read for me.


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