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Deeper into Darkness

by Maria Ann Green

Do you love suspense, murder, and thrillers? This one is for you. In the first book, Nothing but Darkness, we follow Aiden as he transitions from normal, ultra cocky guy to serial killer. Deeper into Darkness is told through Bee's point of view. She is the epitome of ruthless serial killer.

Let's start at the beginning. Aiden and Bee are engaged, but tensions are running high due to the extra-curricular activity concluded in book 1, their need to engage in 'playdates' & 'rendezvous' which have been put on hold, and the lack of setting a wedding date. Aiden has been questioned many times by the cops and Bee has finally been questioned. The need to be safe, not get caught, is the focus of Aiden, but Bee is jonesing.

We begin to see early on the difference between these two serial killers. His newness has created fear/hesitation versus her experience and need for the release it provides her. Maria did a fantastic job jumping from present to past to explain how Bee came to be. We learn how long she has been partaking in killing.

They are a completely fucked up couple and I was rooting for them. This says so much about the writing if you want them to win. While they have their sweet moments, the stress in their relationship is palpable for most of the book.

There is one part of the story where Bee gets herself into a bind and the whole time while reading you are wishing for her survival. How messed up is that? You are wanting the serial killer to make it. She is a certifiable psychopath with no sympathy. She figures out who the mark will be and has no qualms following through with the need she has. While she has this fierce side, you also get a peek behind the curtain of her human side. Her doubts, fear, and love are witnessed when her actions become careless.

The ending!! I never saw it coming and kept thinking I don't have much left, how is it going to end! OMG.... I am already wondering what is to come. Warning: It does leave you with a cliffhanger. I'm hoping to see further into her past with the next story.

A 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 star read.


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