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Frozen Memories

by Cassie Faber

A slow burn strangers to lovers story. Or are they really strangers?

Claire is an innocent woman, still living with a tragedy of an accident which killed her mom. She is struggling trying to find her way, not remembering the accident. Her father devastated, unable to care for his daughters and her older sister is having to pick up the pieces of their family along with her own.

Boh a rough guy from the typical wrong side of the tracks. He has his own tragedies to handle, but takes on more, wanting to be the savior.

There are so many story lines in this book. There is Claire and Boh’s love story, a secret with Claire’s family, why Boh continues to save Liv, and how the “mob” plays into all of this.

Boh and Claire’s love story is a slow burn, her hesitation of moving on and Boh’s mindset of not being good enough keep them wanting each other, but scared of diving in. During times, I wanted to shake Claire and wake her up. I know she is traumatized, but she lets everyone dictate her life, her sister, her annoying best friend and her dad. It’s like she is ‘frozen’ at 17 being held captive as a minor.

I didn’t understand Claire’s best friend. She was almost an afterthought in my mind, there to instigate the ‘meet cute’ but after that, a non supportive character.

I also don’t understand Liv and why Boh has stuck it out so long with her. More may be explained in the next installment.

I gave it 🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars. The story was great and it took will power to not automatically hit ‘one click’ to the next. Bumped it down a star because I’m left confused with the additional characters I don’t think fit....

Until I read the next installment.....


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