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I Fell In

by Tiffany Winters

A story which takes you on a wild ride of emotions. A high school reunion places Jessa in a predicament of being stuck between what is and the what ifs of the past. She is on an emotional rollercoaster due to fertility drugs and the heartache of not conceiving. Even though her husband is patient and caring, her first love pulls her in. She walks a fine line of respecting her husband and continuing the new relationship with Truman, her first love. The love they shared in the past is what keeps Jessa trying to save him from himself. Can she?

Tiffany did a wonderful job of moving from past to present to add clarity in Jessa's thoughts and actions. Reliving the past added depth to her character. While the men in the book were written to be "hot" guys, I really think the story revolved around Jessa and the strength it takes when life pulls you in many directions. There are steamy scenes, but they were not the center of the story. The "what ifs" of decisions bring this story to life.

And don't bypass the Author's Note at the end. You will not want to miss it.

🌟🌟🌟🌟 Stars!! Great Read


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