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I Would Never...But if I Did

by Maria Ann Green

Cover of I Would Never...But if I Did

What do you do when you are in love with one guy, but another one offers you the security you are craving? Well for Taryn you date them both making for an incredibly confusing love triangle with her ex, his current girlfriend and his best friend. Taryn never wanted to trust anyone with her heart, her past scaring her into not believing in true love. So when she fell and got her heart broken she vowed for it never to happen again. She's a broken character, brash and unapologetic. I couldn't relate to her, but wanted her to find her happily ever after. On to the men in her life, Austin and Theo. I did not like Austin from the start and cringed each time he came onto the page. I could not find any redeemable qualities in him. I swooned for Theo from the very beginning. Even though I was #TeamTheo, I wanted to strangle him on a couple of occasions where I felt he was being too passive. This story takes you from present to past, helping the reader understand the motivations behind the characters actions. Taryn, Austin and Theo have a history that leads them to where they are now. A great read! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Stars!


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