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by Brittany Fuller

Holy smokes, be ready for that swoony southern boy charm.

This was a quick read. The first chapter started out strong and had me hooked, but slowed a bit the next few chapters. These chapters were very descriptive on the main characters past, but it was self dialogue and the story wasn't moving along. The middle to end is when the story picks up again.

Evelyn, career driven, not wanting anyone to detour her plans of writing for a paper in Southern Cali has fun with men but doesn't get involved. Noah, a southern boy, still carrying pain from a former relationship doesn't want to trust easily. Sparks fly when they collide and has them falling for each other even though they are weary.

The characters were well developed. Noah, as I started, is the typical swoony book boyfriend you expect. His walls crumble and is willing to jump into LOVE. Evelyn is a spoiled, self indulgent brat. She falls for Noah, but continues to think of only herself. Love is always a compromise, but she is only thinking of herself. You see this during an argument and she acts completely childish instead of having a conversation. She hides from reality and expects Noah to cater to her feelings.

This story does end in a cliff hanger. A 🌟🌟🌟🌟 star read.


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