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by Amanda V Shane

Book one of the Tides of Atlantis series has so much. Greek mythology? Check. Slow burn? Check. Steamy romance? Check. Book boyfriend? Check.

Cindy and her friend are in Miami searching for a friend who disappeared without a trace. The first night out trying to retrace her steps, magical things begin to happen. Cindy runs into Captain Ronan and the story takes off.

The story is a play at Greek mythology. Dark forces and beings from the otherworld have found portals and are teleporting from one world to the other. There is a battle for control of the other world and present day between the god Poseidon and Thelma. Each character is a pawn in their game.

It took me a bit in the beginning to follow because there was three different story lines at play. Once I caught on, the story line between Ronan and Cindy was incredible. Their strong attraction meaning so much more than either of them realized.

Cindy was a strong developed character. She was consistent in her words and actions throughout. Finding her way from innocent to a strong woman.

This was a 🌟🌟🌟1/2 star book for me. The Keeper storyline was a bit confusing. I didn't understand what happened to the friend they went in search for. There may be answers to my confusion in the next installment.


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