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Never & Forever

by Gabrielle G.

A story with characters you are rooting for even though they are completely flawed. Each of them brings their own craziness, but it never seemed too much or over the top. All of it was relatable.

A former drug addict, famous actors, high powered talent agent, and pregnant high maintenance beauty all mixed into one story. How can all these characters fit into a story. That is the beauty Gabrielle did with this novel. People who don’t seemingly fit together were woven together seamlessly.

Virginia, a past drug addict, is working hard on her sobriety and making amends to her once estranged son and her family & friends she hurt. As a favor to her twin brother’s fiancée, she agrees to meet with Ryan a former famous actor who is on a downward spiral. She only knew of him, but did not like what she knew.

The instant attraction can’t be ignored. They each have selfish motives for continuing the pursuit, but will it also be their demise? Can they be together and still be able to stay strong in their own needs.

Ryan and Virginia’s affair brought me to tears on several occasions throughout. They were each so damaged, mostly by their own doing, but their willingness to continue on kept me completely engaged. Without any spoilers, the last few chapters were painful to read. Gabrielle did a fantastic job writing the raw emotion.

A 🌟🌟🌟🌟1/2 star read!


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