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Nothing but Darkness

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Maria Ann Green

Serial Killer? Check ✅ Normal functioning person? Check ✅ Best friend? Check ✅ Romance? Check ✅ Sex? Check ✅ Predictability? Nope! ❎

This story contained so much. I went in knowing I was going to read a dark book and was ready. I didn't expect so much more. The author does not only take you on a journey of murders, but insight as well. We were able to live in his head and watch the inner turmoil as decisions were made. It was interesting watching how he justified his actions.

Aiden is a ladies man, never settling down with any of his female conquests. That's what women are to him, conquests, he has fun with and forgets. He lives his life for immediate pleasure. He only respects two things in his life, his job and his friendship with his best friend Jason.

I did begin to suspect the twist at the end. So much could happen.

A 🌟🌟🌟🌟 star read! If you like suspense and serial killers I recommend to jump in.


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