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Part of Me

by L. Powell

Is Charlie blissfully happy or ignorantly happy? That is the question. Charlie and Luke had the relationship everyone thought was perfect for 10 years. Charlie, herself, thought it was perfect. That is until one occurrence has her questioning things. A minute change began to snowball into more questions.

There were so many twists and turns through out with unanswered questions which keeps you on the edge of your seat. You know something sketchy could be happening, but then you question whether or not your suspicion is true. L. Powell is wonderful at weaving twists throughout.

I could not understand how Charlie could be so forgiving and not question or want to know answers to her questions. I guess because I would want to know everything, I would not have chosen to be kept in the dark.

The ending was a complete shocker. I knew there would be some sort of separation based on the 3 book series, but was not expecting that. GREAT beginning to the series.


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