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Siren in the Wind

by Louise Dawn

Let’s begin with the story being a SLOOOOOWWWW BUUUURRRRRRNN! And I’m not exaggerating. The attraction between Max and Abby was intense and created sexual tension for the majority of the story. But let me go back to the beginning.

Max is in a special forces military unit assigned to find the Sandpiper, a notorious terrorist. The intel they receive has them trying to infiltrate Abby and her life to get closer to The Sandpiper. And this is how the tension and slow burn come to be. Max is a professional and will not ruin his career or jeopardize the country and Abby has a story (secrets) which keep her guarded.

Even though the sexual tension continues through the majority of the story, there is so much more to the story which keeps you captivated. It is filled with suspense, light hearted camaraderie, and mystery. And let's not forget the HOT military guys in the unit. 😉The pacing is great and keeps you enthralled the whole time.

I highly recommend this story. 🌟🌟🌟🌟 1/2 Stars!!


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