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by Lacey Dailey

This was an incredible read! This story showed a cruel dark underworld no one ever would want to encounter and weaved in a sweet love story to heal the brokenness that world brings.

There is so much more to the story than the blurb reveals. The heartbreak, sadness, excitement, joy, this story evokes is amazing. There were a few times I was brought to tears by the utter despair or joy I felt while reading. This is only able to be done with characters who feel real and relatable.

Sage is trying to recover from the most brutal ordeal a person could survive. Although many months have gone by, she is feeling as though even though she survived, she will never live a “normal” life again. She is drowning in fear at all times.

Specter/Wren is a computer hacker by night trying to help the world one keystroke at a time. He and his team don’t always know the impact they have until the packages begin to arrive.

Sage & Wren’s relationship begins by accident. He is the ☀️sunshine☀️ she has avoided since being saved from her tragedy. She is unaware she has begun the healing process. All she knows is he brings light to her darkness.

The pacing in the book was spot on. It never lagged or felt rushed. Each milestone of healing seemed to develop organically and never felt forced.

This was a definite 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 star read!


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