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Sweetest Release

by Nicole Highland

First loves can be powerful and sometimes unforgettable. You are young and emotions run high. Who's to know if it is youth or the real thing?

Natalie always remembered her first love. She was scarred with heartache when it ended. In her mind, it should have never ended. To erase the memory of Devin, she finally begins to date again and eventually marries. This is where the story begins.

Devin, Natalie's first love, contacts her out of the blue. Fortunately or unfortunately for her, the marriage has hit a very rough patch. During this time, she begins to see her husband in a new light and Devin is there to help her through it.

Her story takes you on a ride of love, heartbreak, and betrayal. It is a fast paced read which hooks you from the beginning. A 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Star read!



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