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The Forest

by Julia Blake

This was a magical tale where past and present intersect. The story is full of magic, suspense, love, and friendship. The story was elegantly written with just the right amount of description to take the reader on the adventure in this village next to the forest.

We follow Sally, Jack, and Reuben from childhood through their early adult years in a village of close knit families and friends. A curse grips this town about every generation, to plague the village with death. The story unfolds from past to present seamlessly. Are Sally, Jack and Rueben tied to the curse? How could this be? Can they avoid it?

Not only do you follow the three main characters, but are also introduced to several supporting characters in the village. This was the amazing thing Julia did, she gave life to so many characters. Each was described wonderfully without drowning the story or the main characters.

Intertwined in the story are village "fairy tales" passed down through the generations. These tales passed down by word of mouth give clues about the curse and how it began. But what is true and what has been embellished? During the telling of these tales, I felt like a child getting lost in the wonderment.

The curse is wrapped around some of the seven deadly sins. Envy is the centered sin, with greed, lust, wrath and pride playing their part as the ENVY grows.

A FANTASTIC 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 star read!! I really encourage you to get los in The Forest!


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