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Those Chance Encounters

by Pearl Khatri

Such a wonderful story that evokes so many feelings. You will feel sad, happy, excited and pissed throughout. It truly was a roller coaster ride of emotions.

From the very beginning I felt sad with Amara. Her lack of self confidence and shame was painful to read at times. It was also maddening how people could be so cruel. Then she met Kenneth and his insistence of her beauty was refreshing, until it wasn't.

Both Amara and Kenneth have hidden issues. Each of them are protecting themselves for very different reasons. Kenneth did annoy me many times throughout the story. I was mad at him for the way he handled certain situations. Her best friend Sloane reminded me more of a frenemy. Her need to protect Amara, but could also make snide comments or put her down was annoying. Sloane was not my cup of tea.

The story follows Amara and Kenneth throughout many ups and downs and twists I did not see coming. It was refreshing to see Amara trying to grow. Just like real life, it does not happen quickly and there are bumps along the road. An enjoyable read with a HEA.

I will say if you are triggered by body issues/body shaming, this is not the book for you. Parts are very painful to read.


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