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Dorm Room Essentials

Do's, Don'ts, & Maybe's

With my daughter heading to college in the fall, I'm at a loss for all the things she may need. She's my first and only and wants so many things. I'm trying to keep the cost down as she adds to the list. So I decided to scour the internet and and read different blog posts and articles on all the college necessities.The do's and don'ts AND maybes depending on your individual child and which dorm they choose. I decided to help others out and share my findings.

I'm not going to go over all the basics we know they need like sheets, towels, bedding, etc... I'm sharing all the others things.

The Do's

Mattress Topper

This is #1 I've seen on all the blogs and videos! They come in all kinds of price points to fit all budgets.

Power strips

Dorms, especially old ones, may not have enough outlets, so these are VERY USEFUL!


Not all dorm beds need these, as most are made to adjust height. But if have a bed that can't be adjusted, these come in handy to be able lift your bed and add extra storage underneath.

Comand Hooks & Strips

Mini Fridge

Many colleges have the option to rent a fridge which makes it much easier on move in/out day. I would recommend this option if available.


This is the perfect "stool" to get in and out of the lifted beds and adds additional storage!


I would have never thought about this one. But needed to help keep all the dust, dirt and crumbs off the floor.

Laundry Basket

There are so many options for laundry baskets, mesh bags, collapsable and some with wheels. Which would your your kid prefer??

Cozy Blanket

Blankets are always a must!

Mini Tool Box

I'm not sure about this one, but it came in high on all the lists I read. And on none of the don'ts.

Personal Safety

Young women need to stay safe.


Under the Bed Drawers

A way to maximize storage!

Over the Door Space saver

Use the door to maximize all area of the room. Whether it's a jewelry box that locks, to a mirror or additional shelves, this is a great space saver idea!

Fridge Organizer

This is a wonderful invention to store away kitchen essentials!

Tall Nightstand

If the bed is lifted, this is a great way to add storage and table top space. Also, this one that I'm linking has a built in charging station!

Bedside Shelf

The kids will probably be doing lots of work from their bed. This is a great way to keep things organized.

Bedside Organizer

This comes is useful especially on the beds that have the ledges at the foot of the bed.

Rolling Cart

Whether it's toiletries or other essentials, the slim design makes it a great space saver.

Long Charging Cords

All depending on outlets and surges around the room.

Maybe's (depending on dorm style and individual student)

Drying Rack

If your child has a great deal of athleisure wear, you probably hang dry all their shorts, sports bras, etc... I found this one that folds up and saves on space. And don't forge the clothes pins!

Shower Caddy

If your student is in the communal bathrooms, this is a must!

Shower Shoes

Again, communal bathrooms.

Towel Wrap

This comes in handy whether it's communal or with suite mates!


Who wants to walk on cold floors, especially in winter.

Dorm Safe

This can come in handy for medications, jewelry, purses, etc...

Lighted Mirror

Dorm lighting may not be the best for make-up application.


Many say the dorm can be hot. I'm still on the fence about this one.

Clear Game Day Bag

All stadiums are implementing a clear bag policy. There are so many options and we personally love the ones with replaceable straps!


Personal Kuerig

I'll leave this one to the individual. But blogs say if they don't make coffee at home, they won't at college either.

Too Many pillows

Makes sense.


This one was split. Some say do and other's don't.


Many colleges don't allow them


Share with your roommate to save valuable space.


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