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Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

We only have a few weeks before Easter! Here are some ideas to fill your teen girls' basket!

The Basket

No need to get an "Easter Basket" to fill. Make this a 2 in 1! Every teen room needs some organization. Find a cute basket or container that will come in handy after.


I have stopped placing a huge Easter Bunny in the basket. It always gets thrown away. Now I add all her favorite candies!

Fun Add Ons

Place candies in these cute "Easter Eggs" or add a fun activity for them. They may act like hey are too cool, but they will enjoy being silly.

All the Cool Things!

This is a great way to gift your teen all the smallish things they feel they "need"! If you haven't kept track of them for the past month or so, because we all know they ask for things all the time, here are some ideas!

From fun headbands for their skincare routine to starw lids for those insulated cups, there are so many things you can add. Pick their fave skincare or a new iPod case. Jewelry to a new water bottle.


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