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We are at the end of another year. We have 3 months left to fulfill all our grandiose dreams we made for this year. This is the #last90days. A challenge Rachel Hollis created in 2017. The challenge that gave me the boost I needed to move forward.

I had been following Rachel (we are on a first name basis 😉) for several years so when she introduced this idea to finish the year as strong as we begin it, I jumped at the thought. How many of us start off each new year with a list of goals and the best of intentions? I know I do, but then life happens and things slide. Tomorrow becomes next week and next week becomes next month. This vicious cycle continues and the BIG DREAMS we had get pushed to the side.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Last year was an awakening for me. She posted one of her kick in the booty inspiration videos and her words hit me. The video topic was about procrastination. She said procrastination = FEAR. I believed my dream of becoming a writer had been placed on hold because I was busy. Full time job, mom, wife, etc... But the truth was I was scared.

Scared of failure. Criticism. What people would think. Not being good enough. Not knowing what I am doing. When I was honest with myself I could see all the self made road blocks I had set. I recognized these and decided I was going for it.

I had a book sitting 95% complete on my computer for several years. I opened it up and got to work. I was ready to hit "Publish" on Thanksgiving Day. My husband works every Thanksgiving morning so I was home alone with my daughter. I sat in front of the computer just staring at the "Publish" button. I would not hit it. My daughter came in and asked what I was doing. I mentioned I was ready, but too scared to hit the button.

She looked at me, smiled, placed her hand on the mouse, and pushed the button. It was done. My book would be out in the world for all to read. I kept this hidden from everyone I knew until mid December. I couldn't finish the year and #last90days keeping it a secret. I made an announcement on my personal FB page and jumped in.

So here we are again, the beginning of a new #last90days. My DREAM is in motion but will need continued momentum to keep it flowing. The work and dedication will continue so I can be proud of myself. Proud to model hard work and perseverance for my daughter.

"Hope is not a strategy. You have to have a plan." ~Rachel Hollis


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