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Trope Talk ~ Can't read anymore.

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I have been a romance reader for years and my tastes have changed over that time. I hadn’t thought much about it until recently when a friend recommended a book to me. I read the blurb and the teasers and something in me just said, “Nope! Not going to happen.” This particular sub-genre did not interest me in the least anymore.

But first let me say, I have read plenty of books in this particular genre. I devoured them, not thinking twice about them. Loved and 5 starred so many of them too. But now… they are a bit of a turn-off.

What genre is it you ask? Young adult, steamy romance is the genre that has me saying, NOPE. But it’s not the only sub-genre that I’m not interested in anymore - there is another.

I sat and thought about this. Why do these have this affect on me now? Many reasons, but I think experience is the main reason. I have a teen daughter who is a cheerleader in high school & I have worked in education for over 20 years in my day job. These two things now affect me more than anything.

Let’s start with the YA steamy. First and foremost, I remember my teen years and I don’t know anyone who had the HOT, STEAMY sex I’ve read in these YA books. It was odd and fumbling and a whole lot of learning. And if they are this experienced— I’m now worrying at what age did they start having sex and with who?

Next, I see my daughter and her friends and I can’t see them being the MC in any of those types of books. And no I’m not in denial that things happen…I just know that when they do, the likely hood that it would be “scene worthy” for a book is minuscule.

Next is the forbidden genre. Not all forbidden, but specifically high school teacher/student. Unfortunately in real life this type of relationship is messy & ugly. Watching the aftermath of it in real time at the HS I worked at is not something any teen (child) should have to go through. The arrests, the questioning, the looks from kids, the whispers, the repercussions of pregnancy, etc… There was nothing dreamy, swoony or sexy about the situation.

So nope, these are the sub-genres that I draw a hard line on now. So far, all other sub-genres I’ll read or try if I haven’t read before.

Tell me, do you have any sub-genres you can’t read?


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