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Beautiful Serenity is LIVE

Trust ~ a belief that someone is reliable, good, honest…




Next steps are never easy, in fact, they are sometimes the hardest you’ll take. I thought my life had been dictated to me by birth, but instead I want more. Wanting the life I once knew to become a distant memory when I meet Ritza. A beauty who’s drowning in sadness and holding onto secrets. As hard as she tries to not be seen, she is my only focus. I’m drawn to the beauty she is trying to hide. Can I prove to her I’m worthy of her trust and love?




Life as I knew it will never be the same. Someone stole that from me. One night- a night I can’t remember will be with me forever. Now I’m damaged, dirty and dare I say, unworthy. It doesn’t matter anyways because I don’t trust men enough to want a happily ever after. That is until I meet Javie. He is able to tame the demons that haunt me. His strong presence and calm demeanor is a balm to my broken soul


Beautiful Serenity

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