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Fast Lanes series

The Fast Lanes series is a stand-alone, spin-off series full of real, flawed characters and angsty love stories. You can meet the men of Fast Lanes in Beautiful Serenity. 


Reading Order:

Rewriting Us  (book 0.5)  

💛 Second chance; slow burn, slight enemies to lovers, novella   

Reclaiming You  (book 1)  

💙 Second chance, slightly forbidden, first love; suave alpharoll & sassy sweetheart  


Rewriting Us


Marisol's life has been a series of disconnected moments – from fleeting jobs to short-lived relationships. Nothing ever seemed to hold her attention or touch her heart, leaving her lost with unfulfilled dreams. But when a pair of haunting blue eyes, the same ones that captivated her in high school, resurface in her life, everything changes.


Eliazar, struggling to mend a shattered heart, finds solace in his photography and art. His world has been stripped of color, replaced by shades of gray that mirror his internal turmoil. But when Marisol, the girl he thought he hated but never truly did, reemerges, his carefully constructed world is thrown into disarray. Can her unexpected return breathe vitality into his monochrome existence?


* "Short, sweet, and steamy! I really enjoyed Marisol and Eliazar’s story. Marisol’s growth was great, especially for such a short book, and Eliazar is all the things good book boyfriends are made of." ~ Melanie A. Smith, Romance Author

* "This was such a fun book to read. Even though there is a slight miscommunication towards the end, Eliazar doesn't waste time trying to fix things."
~ Goodreads Reviewer

* "Marisol and Eliazar are everything! Nothing is better than a secret pining romance between to lovers." ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Reclaiming You

Mateo and Natalia found each other at sixteen and for three summers their love grew.  Young and naive, they planned a future together with a love they thought would last a lifetime. A future that would never happen because one fateful night tore them apart.  


Now a successful business owner, Mateo is moving through life trying to find the one who can spark his interest. Challenge him. But all women have come up lacking.


Natalia has numbed herself, her smile and happy, successful facade, fooling those around her. She floats through life, never placing her heart in danger of breaking again. 


Can a chance meeting eight years later, rekindle the love they left behind? 



* "Oh my goodness the tension! I love how feisty and jealous these two are. It was epic on all heat levels, and it did not disappoint. The energy is electric." ~ Goodreads Reviewer

* "A love story that shows you if it was meant to be fate will ensure that it happens.." ~ Goodreads Reviewer

* "This book was the best! It was filled with heat, chemistry and pain all at the same time." ~ Goodreads Reviewer
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